"Through creativity & innovation, we transformed barren deserts into flourishing fields & pioneered new frontiers in science & technology"


Shimon Peres

The winners of the Merage DeserTech Competition are:

Water Tech

Desert Agriculture

Renewable Energy


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Who are We?

The DeserTech community is a joint initiative of the Merage Foundation Israel and the Israel Innovation Institute. The DeserTech Community operates at an international level and is located in Be'er Sheva. Desertification and the climate crisis on the one hand, and the technological opportunity of integrating the physical resources of the Negev on the other, led to the establishment of this community.

The community is part of the DeserTech initiative led by the Merage Foundation Israel, as one of the growth engines of the innovation district in Be'er Sheva. The purpose of the initiative is to turn the Negev region and the city of Be'er Sheva in particular, into an entrepreneurial and technological center for innovations that enable sustainable living in an arid climate.

Our Vision

Development of unique technologies that address the global challenge of desertification while transforming Beer Sheva and the Negev region into a national and a global entrepreneurial center of these technologies.

Our Mission

Connecting the various players in the DeserTech ecosystem: entrepreneurs, academia, government, the business sector, international entities and more, in order to create and strengthen relationships and business opportunities.


Supporting the development and growth of ecosystem members through unique tools and resources including training, access to markers, business development, meetups, hackathon and/or challenge competition, mentorship course and more.


Supporting open innovation processes to test and assimilate technologies in the various organizations.

Our Partners


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