DeserTech Manager

Sivan Cohen Shachari

For the past 15 years, Sivan has been involved in community and educational development in many formal and informal arenas, out of the agenda that processes of leadership and leadership design are an engine for social change in the Israeli society. In her role as DeserTech Manager, she is involved in the development of the desert technologies ecosystem. In her previous positions, she worked at Bina organization, leading the gap year program. She was also a teacher and led teams in various settings. In addition, Sivan was involved in the establishment of many communities in the Negev and led policy change initiatives in the areas of regional development. Sivan holds a bachelor's degree from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and lives in the Negev for the past 12 years.


International Ecosystem Development 

Sinai Gohar Barak

Sinai is the ecosystem development manager of the DeserTech community, forming new strategic partnerships, and leading open innovation processes with organizations who are interested in exploring and implementing desert technologies. Prior to joining the Israel Innovation Institute, Sinai was the director of the social innovation unit at SIT, working closely with non-profit organizations such as municipalities, government offices, academia, and NGO’s.  Sinai is an experienced Innovation facilitator; she holds a BA in Sociology and lives in a southern Kibbutz.  


Community Manager

Hillel Adler

As DeserTech's Community Manager, Hillel is responsible for creating opportunities, connections, and collaborations for the community members, by staying in touch with startups and building relationships with the various stakeholders in the world of desert technologies. Hillel is also responsible for project management in the community, and raising awareness of opportunities and challenges in the field of technological innovation, in the desert in general and in the Negev in particular. Previously, he served as an officer in the Medical Corps and has experienced planning and command of commander courses of the Medical Corps, project management and staff work, and oversaw emergency and routine medical teams in an active operational sector. Hillel is currently a B.A. student of politics, government and psychology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and lives in Be'er Sheva.


CEO Merage Foundation

Nicole Hod Stroh


CEO Israel Innovation Institute 

Jonathan Menuhin