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About Us

The DeserTech Community is an Innovation Community that promotes the development, adaptation and commercialization of technologies that enable sustainable living in arid climates, while simultaneously, turning Be'er Sheva and the Negev region into a global hub for these technologies. The DeserTech Community operates at an international level and is located in Be'er Sheva, Israel, part of the world’s desert belt, and a living laboratory of science and technology.


The DeserTech community is a joint initiative of the Merage Foundation Israel, the Israel Innovation Institute, The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ben Gurion University

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David Merage

About David Merage

David Merage is a successful entrepreneur, venture philanthropist and visionary leader. David is committed to sharing his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to tackle complex societal problems and help change-makers develop and scale their innovations around the world and in the Negev region in particular.

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