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Remote & Marginal Living

Access to energy for every home



Challenge Background

Access to energy - the inability of rural poor to access energy (electricity and solar power) for cooking and lighting due high cost making energy unaffordable. This leads to many other problems such as biodiversity loss, soil erosion, and associated diseases especially among women.

What we are looking for

We are looking for wood efficient cooking stoves as alternative energy source (improved cooking stoves) that is efficient and affordable with minimum maintenance and affordable solar powered infrastructure that are easily accessible to the rural people to generate household energy demands.

Solution criteria

affordable off grid energy for rural community
easy to operate
for domestic use

What we offer

Impactful innovation that shall transform the attitude of the rural poor. Market access.

The National Agency for the GGW

The National Agency for the GGW

The National Agency for the GGW is an initiative focused on combating land degradation, droughts, desertification and other menace orchestrated by impacts of climate change. We aim use implementation processes to improve on the livelihoods of the affected communities and reduce poverty by building resilience for climate change.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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