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Extreme Climate
Water Scarcity & Availability

Adapted seeds

Challenge Background

Salinity intrusion, exacerbated by sea level rise and coastal erosion, poses a significant threat to the availability and quality of surface water and groundwater reserves. The intrusion of saltwater into freshwater sources leads to contamination, rendering them unfit for consumption and irrigation. This not only jeopardizes the health and well-being of communities that rely on these resources but also undermines their economic livelihoods, particularly those engaged in agriculture. As salinization continues to escalate, the uncertainty and unpredictability of crop yields and harvests intensify, affecting food security and exacerbating poverty and inequality. Therefore, urgent action is needed to mitigate the impacts of salinity intrusion, including the implementation of adaptive measures such as improved water management, coastal protection, and alternative livelihood options.

What we are looking for

We are seeking adaptive seed technology that is better adapted to the local environment and could help farmers achieve higher crop yields.

Solution criteria

Easy to operate
Minimum maintatnce

What we offer

Access to the market

Women Initiative

Women Initiative



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Offer your solution
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