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Land Degradation

Improve soil fertility


Challenge Background

Crop production is a major contributor to Ethiopia's Gross Domestic Product (14%). Smallholders account for 96% of the total area cultivated in Ethiopia. They generate the major share of the total production of the main crops. The core soil-related constraints like soil erosion, soil acidification, depletion of organic matter, deterioration of soil biophysical properties, and salinity are among the serious agricultural problems that posed severe threat to food production and the livelihood of Ethiopians. Ethiopia faces a wide range of issues in soil fertility that requires approaches beyond inorganic fertilizer. Bio and emerging technology institute has been actively working on developing technology and protocols on vermicomposting and vermi-tea that can be used as organic fertilizer, developing soil acidic tolerant crop varieties etc. Significant holistic support and collaboration on our institute current efforts are crucial to cope with the complex production challenges.

What we are looking for

We search for collaborations that would allow us to improve soil fertility, soil acidity, soil salinity and Soil restoration.

Solution criteria

Cost effective

What we offer

We offer working space, research field, laboratory facilities (bench), office facilities, basic salary and other relevant assistance.



Bio and Emerging Technology institute (BETin), is a government organization in Ethiopia, established in June 2016. It's main purpose is conducting, leading and coordinating national effort on biotechnologies and emerging technology research and development in the firld of agriculture. The institute aims to help Ethiopian crop, livestock and microbial industries and improve productivity towards food security, increased income and sustainable production systems in the country.



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Offer your solution
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