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Land Degradation
Extreme Climate

Improving our seeds


Challenge Background

The Sahel region of Africa is home to the world’s harshest cropping environment, hosting poor, sandy soils, low and erratic rainfall and excessive soil surface temperatures. Currently, some of our seeds there germinate rate are low due to a poor soil.

What we are looking for

We are looking for technologies that can be incorporated into seed balls in the areas of:
• Adapting Seeds by improving their germination rates
• Technologies to monitor and evaluate the growth of the seed and gives feedback and insight on the decision mechanism for farmers
• Mapping system that will identify and characterize agriculture land and its possible uses

Solution criteria

Maximum germination rates
Adaptive seeds to saline soil
Relevant technologies that could be used (AI, GIS, Drones...) or any another relevant technology
Easy to operate

What we offer



an NGO with an environmental vocation and giving companies and the population the opportunity to take concrete action in favor of reforestation and agriculture seed in Mauritania through a UNIQUE approach: the SEEDBALLS method



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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