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Land Degradation

Innovative Roof Gardening Solution

Challenge Background

Food security is still seeking solutions in all developing countries. Low-income families living in big cities like Dakar usually pay the heaviest price of uprising living costs. The foodstuffs produced and sold on the market are not sufficient if they are not beyond the reach of poor families. This underproduction is generally due to the sector's lack of funding and space for production. Even if the State of Senegal strongly supports women through funding, the main condition of eligibility and production remains the availability of space where they can grow vegetables as needed.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a roof gardening plug and play solution which will grow quality and affordable vegetables in large cities by women and young people for their own food needs but also to supply the local market to neighbors with similar income level. This easy-to-use technological solution should make it possible to develop beds of varied crops in the open air with a mechanism for watering and draining water while taking into account the need for a balanced dosage of microbiological elements. This can be a booming business that will highly contribute to food security.

Solution criteria

Low-cost solution
All in one solution (kit)
Self-watering and water evacuation pipe BUILT IN
Comes with racks for easy installation

What we offer

Design of technology, testing and prototype

Reforestation and the Great Green Wall of Senegal

Reforestation and the Great Green Wall of Senegal

We are a government agency on charge of implanting the GGW initiative in Senegal and regreening the country.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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