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Remote & Marginal Living

Mapping & Connecting small scale farmers



Challenge Background

Little to no mechanization of agriculture: Energy can be applied to agriculture in all phase of the production: farm machinery, water management, irrigation, cultivation and harvesting. Despite these needs in Africa energy use for agriculture in negligible compared to the rest of the world even though most of the arable lands are found in Africa leading to low food production and food insecurities. Mechanizing soil preparation and harvesting can increase the production land for small scale farmers, improve harvesting procedures. Because of high cost of mechanization and high fuel cost small scale farmers cannot afford to purchase individually the equipment needed to improve soil preparation, harvesting equipment, preprocessing of harvests etc. In this regard there is a crucial need for shared mechanized agriculture equipment that are energy efficient (zero to low carbon emission vehicles).

What we are looking for

Technology that allows to register and map out small-scale farmers in a region with the crops they intend to produce: This can be an application that will allow to enroll small scale farmers and their selected crops to be produced for each agricultural campaign. This application also identifies the geographical position of farmers and farm size in order to plan for the eventual determination of mechanized equipment resources need for farmers in a common area and a schedule of intervention to each farmer’s location at a due time.

Solution criteria

Easy to use
Can work in remote areas
Location service works without internet connection
Robust collection of data for food security
Low cost to small scale farmers (can be subsidized by government and NGO’s)

What we offer

We have an experienced technical and management team, great knowledge of the field, great connections in the water and energy ecosystem of Burkina Faso.

Green Engineering Services

Green Engineering Services

An LLC established in Burkina since 2017 to offer affordable energy solution for productive use ie. for agro-processing, irrigation, water pumping etc. are the core of our activities. To date we have sold and installed 46 solar mills,3 pumping systems, 2 irrigation sites with 3 more sites underway


Burkina Faso

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Offer your solution
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