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Mini-grid solar energy for small settlements



Challenge Background

Chad is a global outlier in terms of energy access. Despite the excellent solar resources, Chad has among the lowest electricity access rates in the world at 6.4 percent (against a Sub-Saharan Africa average of 48 percent). Lack of electricity undermines the prospects of economic development and lowers living standards. Many locations are also facing energy shortages with respect to fuel for cooking. This is particularly acute in the North-East region of Chad—an arid semidesert. Electricity access is mostly limited to cities. The national power grid comprises city-based systems that are not interconnected, which has not supported electrification outside these cities and left most of the country without access to electricity. Therefore, there are significant disparities in electricity access between urban and rural areas (20 percent and less than 1 percent, respectively). Electricity access in locations without power grid is limited to a small number of customers, who can afford the prohibitively high cost of electricity from individual diesel generators that often exceed US$0.5 per kWh. The rest of the population—more than 90 percent of the people—face acute and chronic energy deprivation and are forced to use expensive and polluting solutions—candles, kerosene lamps and flashlights—to get some lighting as well as spend time and incure high costs when charging phones.

What we are looking for

In order to provide access to electricity in rural Chad, We seek partners to cooperate with, in order to improve and widely implement our already existing products. based on a leasing payment model, we would like to provide mini-grid units for rural settlements, which are able to produce 50KW to 1MW.

Solution criteria

Off-grid, low maintainance, affordable for low-income communities

What we offer

Excellent knowledge of the market and network, 5 years of proven business experience in Chad energy market, opportunity to partner with an excellent brand with impact dedicated local professionals

Kouran Jabo

Kouran Jabo

Kouran Jabo is a social startup for profit founded in 2017. It aims to provide electricity for low-income households with solar home system ranged from 1Wc to 200Wc, through pay as you model using IoT technology to allow installment payment.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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