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Pay as you Go LPG for West Africa



Challenge Background

In the Sahel Region, the demand for energy for populations is mainly for cooking. Studies show that 80 % of the energy needs in the region are satisfied by Biomass creating and/or aggravating deforestation, climate change effects, desertification etc. In addition to these negative effects cooking with biomass wood, increases the CO2 emission and directly affects the health of women which are mainly responsible for this task. Various alternatives to the use of biomass as a source of energy have been explored but in terms of efficiency and cost LPG remains the best solution. Due to the low revenues of populations it remains high in initial cost for the equipment and the refueling. Therefore we are looking for a Pay as you go LPG model offering flexibility for the populations that needs it the most.

What we are looking for

We are looking to develop a technology that can offer the flexibility of allowing customers to subscribe to a pay as you go LPG service. This service will be composed of a IoT device that can be mounted directly on already used LPG bottles used in the Sahel Region. This technology will enable mobile payments to unlock gas accessibility to customers based on the amount paid. The device will show the amount of gas paid for (or the remainder) , the amount of gas that remains in the bottle.
In addition to this device, we will need a business managing platform that will facilitate all the management of stock and the dispatch, delivery request for service from customers and distance monitoring of gas bottles for replacement when needed. This platform will have multiple users’ groups such as: store owner, delivery agents, admin, etc.
An example of a full transaction: a customer signs up for PAYGO LPG via an agent or on an app or by phone or text message. She receives her PAYGO kit with a bottle of LPG after payment of a small fee. Her kit is delivered by an agent from a nearby reseller and she is trained on how to purchase gas for cooking. She enjoys the cooking and when her bottle nears empty, the reseller is notified and he replaces the bottle and the cycle goes on.

Solution criteria

Easy to use
Can work in remote areas
Works without internet connection
Robust collection of data at all level
Low cost

What we offer

We have an experienced technical and management team, great knowledge of the field, great connections in the water and energy ecosystem of Burkina Faso.

Green Engineering Services

Green Engineering Services

An LLC established in Burkina since 2017 to offer affordable energy solution for productive use ie. for agro-processing, irrigation, water pumping etc. are the core of our activities. To date we have sold and installed 46 solar mills,3 pumping systems, 2 irrigation sites with 3 more sites underway


Burkina Faso

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Offer your solution
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