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Land Degradation
Water Scarcity & Availability

Produce quality planting materials

Challenge Background

Increasing the productivity in crop and agroforestry subsectors is one of the measures taken to improve food security and livelihoods of subsistence farmers. The lack of high-quality planting material and stress tolerant varieties are among the identified major constraints to greater adoption of agroforestry innovations. It is therefore essential to enhance the development of stress tolerant plant varieties and plant propagation methods with more efficient and rapid tissue culture technology. Plant tissue culture research and development started around 2001. Since then, plant tissue culture is one of the well adapted and practiced biotechnology tools in Ethiopia. The technology spread its roots to most of the research institutes and universities across the country. PTC research emphasized protocol optimization for micro propagation and pathogen elimination in economically and industrially important plant species including: banana, grapevine, citrus, potato, coffee, pineapple, hot pepper, sweet potato and cassava. Nevertheless, tissue culture application in major dryland plants and trees, such as date palm, is limited by several technical and financial constraints.

What we are looking for

Facilitating mass production of quality and disease free planting materials for the major dryland crops and trees. Plant tissue Culture Protocols for major dryland plant species: date palm, Yeheb (Cordeauxia edulis), Physic nut ( Jatropha curcas ) and other dryland tree species.

Solution criteria

Cost effective and able to be reproduced in different laboratories

What we offer

We offer working space, research field, laboratory facilities (bench), office facilities, basic salary and other relevant assistance.



Bio and Emerging Technology institute (BETin), is a government organization in Ethiopia, established in June 2016. It's main purpose is conducting, leading and coordinating national effort on biotechnologies and emerging technology research and development in the firld of agriculture. The institute aims to help Ethiopian crop, livestock and microbial industries and improve productivity towards food security, increased income and sustainable production systems in the country.



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Offer your solution
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