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Remote & Marginal Living

Remote controled off-grid solar panels

Challenge Background

In rural Chad, cooking with traditional methods such as open and three-stone fire, charcoal and wood are still common. In urban areas, more modern methods such as gas or electric stoves are often used. However, the availability and affordability of these modern cooking solutions is limited. There is a substantial lack of access to clean cooking solutions and fuels, which results in negative health and environmental impacts. Many households rely on traditional biomass fuels such as wood, charcoal, and animal dung, which can contribute to deforestation.

What we are looking for

We seek to improve our developed solar cooking device, by incorporating IoT technology to control the device remotely, automatically adjust the solar panel according to sunlight direction and generate phone notifications when cooking is done or in case of emergency.

Solution criteria

Plug and Play
Easy to self use without much instruction or training
Easy to assemble locally
Non or very minimum maintenance

What we offer

Excellent knowledge of the market and network, 5 years of proven business experience in Chad energy market, opportunity to partner with an excellent brand with impact dedicated local professionals

Kouran Jabo

Kouran Jabo

Kouran Jabo is a social startup for profit founded in 2017. It aims to provide electricity for low-income households with solar home system ranged from 1Wc to 200Wc, through pay as you model using IoT technology to allow installment payment.
Currently we are operational in 7 region of Chad, serving over 3000 households and small business. we have replaced candle and kerosene by solar energy.



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Offer your solution
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