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Remote & Marginal Living
Water Scarcity & Availability

Water everywhere

Challenge Background

The main challenge is obtaining water for domestic use and agricultural purposes. Water scarcity is a significant issue, and applying an irrigation system can aid in implementing agroforestry. Additionally, unpredictable, and disorderly rainfall patterns make agriculture and water usage difficult. Unfortunately, there are no off-grid systems in place to reach underground water, and there is a lack of financial and technical support available to address these issues.

What we are looking for

We are looking for water solutions in several layers:
1. An innovative permanent water system of drilling boreholes and connecting them with solar water pumping systems.
2. Developing an affordable off-grid technology to enable access to underground water.
3. Implement a water purification system that allows for safe consumption through disinfection and treatment.
4. Integrate technology capable of identifying ideal sites for digging underground water sources.

Solution criteria

Minimum energy consumption
Minimum chemicals required.
Off grid system
Easy to use with minimal human interventions/presence on site
Low cost
Easy installation

What we offer

We offer a reach to the local market & training to support implementation

Future Team Tchad

Future Team Tchad

We are a nonprofit NGO Future Team Tchad base in Ndjamena. We do so many activities in several areas to implement the SDGs in our Country.



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Offer your solution
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