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Water Scarcity & Availability

Water management in Mali

Challenge Background

Mali has a poverty rate of nearly 70%, and two-thirds of its land is desert or semi-desert with prolonged drought periods annually. Chronic food insecurity already affects vulnerable populations in these areas, and worsening droughts are making it even more challenging for people to manage and recover from food shortages. In Tombouctou and Kenieba 3R will implement a pilot site for water collection and storage using a geomembrane; then train farmers on how to replicate the model using local materials, creating opportunities for local craftsmen and building a business case around water storage.

What we are looking for

We want to implement effective and innovative water management in order to increase production and productivity in the agricultural sector and thus achieve food self-sufficiency using local inputs.
In order to do so we need to collect and store surface water ( could be with the use of geomembrane) and an independent waste water treatment system; in order to irrigate, restore and conserve land

Solution criteria

Cost effective solution
Low maintenance
Easy to use by local communities
Would need capacity building for farmers in best production techniques in a desert environment

What we offer

3R will ensure the installation and maintenance of equipment and train local users for better sustainability.



3R Recycling is a waste management and green energy consulting company created in 2017 in Mali. The company is specialized in designing innovative and tailor made waste management solutions for states, industries and organizations in the Sahel region. 3R is the biggest waste management company operating in the mining industry in Mali with 30 employees.



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Offer your solution
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