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Water treatment and monitoring in Rural Africa




Southern R&D is an agriculture R&D center, serving the west Negev farmers. The center is devoted to creating solutions both to challenges of farming in the region, as well as long term development of new manufacturing technologies and implementation of new products, while leveraging the unique assets and properties of the region. Read More…

What we are looking for

Technologies that can be incorporated into its independent water piping systems in the areas of:
Water Quality Monitoring– solutions for measuring and monitoring the water quality in real-time, detecting changes and contamination from a biological or chemical source.
Water Disinfection and Treatment- solutions that can purify or remove various elements in the water:
Microbiological contamination
Metals (mainly iron and manganese)
Nitrate and fluoride.
Groundwater Desalination – solutions in effective brackish groundwater desalination and safe brine disposal. The typical groundwater salinity that we encounter in our search for water is in a TDS range of 1,200 – 5,000 ppm.

Solution criteria

Easy to use
Easy installation
Off grid
Low energy consumption

What we offer

Applying for joint funding by….
A pilot site
Access to African market

About Innovation Africa

Innovation: Africa provides clean water to remote villages by drilling into the borehole and pumping water throughout the village. Each system is completely independent and functions fully on solar energy. To this date, over 500 villages were connected to clean water in 10 African countries. In 2023 an additional 160 solar water pumping systems will be installed.


Agadir, Morocco

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