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Land Degradation
Remote & Marginal Living
Extreme Climate

Weather forecasting for field management

Challenge Background

The problems are: lack of water (rainfall) and unavailable water harvesting methods, and soil infertility. These problems lead to food insecurity, malnutrition, extreme poverty and unemployment, tree cutting which contributes to deforestation and soil degradation. Limited land and other resources creates conflicts between farmers and herders, which end up pushing people to migrate to different area.

What we are looking for

Simple early weather forecasting system: solutions for predicting, measuring and monitoring the forecast. Solutions should focus on real-time precipitation and weather changes predictions, to assist farmers adapt and make informed decisions in terms of resource allocation and seeds choice.

Solution criteria

Minimum technology skills required for treatment.
Minimum of using machines.
Easy to use with minimal human interventions/presence on site.
Low cost.

What we offer

Access to the market, training. marketing, My offer is looking to adopt these techniques at our region through training, data collection, and even marketing

SOS Sahel Sudan

SOS Sahel Sudan

SOS Sahel Sudan is an experienced local NGO with a vision of peace and prosperity for all in Sudan. In North Darfur State we work in several localities focusing on natural resources management (NRM) and prevention of conflicts over natural resources for improved livelihoods and poverty reduction.

SOS Sahel Sudan provides improved seeds, provides tools for 600 farmers in deserted and semi-deserted areas. We train the farmers theoretically and practically to increase their yield through Farmer field schools approach (FFS). We carry out 5-8 training sessions for each group of 25-30 farmers. Despite this intervention, we observe the poor crop yield.



Offer your solution



Offer your solution
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