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Roots-Sustainable Agriculture Technologies

Roots-Sustainable Agriculture Technologies


Water, Agriculture

Where no water is available, we irrigate by condensing the humidity in the air (mostly during the night) and provide pure, nonsalted water 365 days a year!

Technology: offer a system to irrigate crops and tree by condensing humidity in the air on pipes with cold running water in a closed cycle. It is either solar, gas or electricity based. IBC - Irrigation by condensation. A new option to produce food security, yield, and help the Great Green Wall vision come true.


Funding to build and install the Irrigation by condensation systems in multiple Beta sites, seek strategic partners per country and local partners (women-led organizations preferably) with vision and access to International or governmental funding.



Funding Stage:



Natanya, Israel

Product Stage:

Pilot to first paying customer


Boaz Wachtel & Dr. Sharon Devir

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