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Infrastructure, Energy

Coating the desert structures exposed to direct sun like rooftops or tents is a viable solution in extreme desert climate. SolCold passive coating is the only cooling alternative which can provide substantial cooling of desert structures by at least 10 °C below ambient temperature without the need of electricity or water supply when compared to white color or textiles.


Our ground-breaking cooling technology uses sunlight to cool down objects exposed to the sun while converting solar radiation into cooling force. The stronger the sun, the stronger the cooling effect.

SolCold passive coating can be used for cooling buildings, vehicles, warehouses, oil silos, tents, refrigeration containers, and power storage units while being applied to rooftops as well as external walls and surfaces, thus efficiently reducing the need for AC units and saving over 50% in cooling consumption.

This leads to improved comfort and safety, energy and cost efficiency, reduced environmental pollution, as well as longer lifespan of applicable materials- thus, enhancing sustainability, investing in green initiatives and ultimately promoting the low carbon future and global decarbonization efforts.


Additional funding opportunities both in Israel and abroad, POC/ pilot projects in desert environments, PR or applicable campaigns.



Funding Stage:

Round B


Ness Ziona, Israel

Product Stage:

POC to pilot


Yaron Shenhav

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