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The Netherlands Track of the Merage DeserTech Competition
Dutch Companies Adapting to Arid climates

Climate change increases the extent of deserts globally and provokes more frequent droughts in traditionally non-arid environments such as the Netherlands. The Merage DeserTech competition, together with the Netherlands Embassy in Israel, offers a designated track for companies from the Netherlands interested in exploring new markets, learning about the most burning desert issues and its growing business opportunities. Desertech is a growing sector predicted to affect more than 9 billion people by 2050.

Explore how your solution can address climate adaptation challenges and how you can engage in this emerging sector.

Competition Prize: DeserTech Adaptation Seminar

The 10 leading Dutch companies will be invited to participate in a fully funded prestigious and intensive Technology Adaptation Seminar in Be'er Sheva, Israel, where they will:


The essential issues around Desertech that are relevant to your product


The necessary changes to embed in your technology to better address desert needs


Your understanding of stakeholders in the field: experts, suppliers, competitors and customers


With the vibrant Israeli DeserTech ecosystem: experts, academia, entrepreneurs & corporates that specialize in the field

Who Can Apply?

Dutch companies operating in the sectors of water, renewable energy, agriculture or infrastructure that:

  1. Have a solution that can be adapted to arid climates and address a global desert challenge 

  2. Show readiness to expand to new markets and invest in new technologies

Evaluation Process

Companies will be evaluated based on the following criteria:​​



Degree in which the technology or service can address one or more desert challenges: extreme climate, water scarcity and availability, land degradation and remote & marginal living



Can the technology or service be adapted to effectively operate in arid climates?



Positive environmental, economic, and social impact of the solution to the given challenge

Business Model


Scalability & commercialization potential of the solution in the global market



To build collaborations to reach new markets and invest in new technologies

The evaluation process will be conducted by an international judging committee consisting of leading experts from the industry and academia.

The judging committee will select the 10 Dutch companies with the most promising solutions or readiness to adapt its technology and build collaborations to reach new markets.

Judging Committee

Hein Molenkamp

Hein Molenkamp

Managing Director,

Water Alliance, The Netherlands

Water Alliance Logo
Dorit Banet

Dorit Banet

Co-founder and CEO,

Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative

Eilat Eilot Logo
Dan Blumberg

Prof. Dan Blumberg

Vice President, Regional and Industrial Development,

Ben Gurion University

Ben Gurion University of the Negev Logo
Tareq Abu Hamed

Tareq Abu Hamed


Arava Institute

Arava Institute
Eran Raveh

Dr. Eran Raveh


Gilat Research Center

Volcani Institute Logo
Moshe Herzberg

Prof. Moshe Herzberg


The Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, Ben Gurion University

Ben Gurion University of the Negev Logo
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