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Prize for companies applying from the
UK & the Netherlands:

Win a Fully Funded DeserTech Adaptation Seminar Prize

March 7th- 10th // 2022 // Beer Sheva, Israel

10 leading Dutch companies and 10 leading UK companies will be invited to participate in a fully funded prestigious and intensive Technology Adaptation Seminar in Be'er Sheva, Israel, where they will:


The essential issues around Desertech that are relevant to your product


The necessary changes to embed in your technology to better address desert needs


Your understanding of stakeholders in the field: experts, suppliers, competitors and customers


With the vibrant Israeli DeserTech ecosystem: experts, academia, entrepreneurs & corporates that specialize in the field

Dutch & UK companies will meet, exchange knowledge, and develop business opportunities with leading experts in desert innovation from academia, regional R&D centers, startups, and corporates in the areas of water, renewable energy, agriculture and infrastructure- aimed to enable prosperous and sustainable life under extreme temperatures and water scarcity. 

The DeserTech Adaptation Seminar will take place in Be'er Sheva, located in the Israeli Negev Desert, part of the world’s desert belt and a living laboratory of science and technology.


*All costs of the seminar are covered as part of the award (including flights and accommodation).

** The seminar will be held according to Covid-19 restrictions

I am a UK based company

I am a UK based company

I am a Netherlands based Company

I am a Netherlands based Company

Prize for companies applying from Israel

Win a Grant: The 4 winners will receive a NIS 25,000 grant +
The winning 
Negev-based company will get a $75,000 equity investment.

I'm an Israel based startup

I'm an Israel based startup

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