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 The Merage Competition for Desert Technologies

Here are the winners of the the Merage Competition for Desert Technologies:


Desert Agritech

Renewable Energy 

Infrastructure tech

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The DeserTech competition supports groundbreaking technologies that address unique desert challenges or that rely on the properties of the desert to create economic value.

 The competition is a joint initiative of the Merage Israel Foundation and the Israel Institute of Innovation, which aims to:
Promote the development of technologies that address the global challenge of desertification while making Be'er Sheva and the Negev a national and global center for these technologies.


The competition offers an opportunity for exposure and cooperation with leading companies in Israel and the world in the fields of water, desert agriculture, energy and infrastructure. It is also opportunity to collaborate with key players in the ecosystem, including investors, companies and consultants, from the Negev and nation wide.

A prize of NIS 25,000 per winner in each track.


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